I am a structural biologist studying HIV infection on the molceular level at Stanford university. My passion is to reveal the molecular basis of infectious diseases and to expand our understanding of antibiotics and antiviral drugs. I focus on the regulatory role of RNA structures in reverse transcription of the HIV virus. Read more about what’s new in HIV research here and here. Read more about what’s new in structural biology here.


Originally, I was trained as a chemist during my BSc. I completed my PhD under the mentorship of Professor Ada Yonath, at the Weizmann Institute of Science, focusing on the ribosome structure, function, and evolution. I elucidated the activity, selectivity, and resistance mechanisms of avilamycin, a ribosomal polysaccharide antibiotics. In addition, I proposed a novel hypothesis that the ribosome has evolved from the pre-proto-ribosome, a molecular machine capable of performing essential tasks in the RNA world.


Other Interests

I am devoted to promoting science education and outreach. In my spare time, I love to do yoga.